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Tuesday March 09, 2021 7:00 PM EST

Town:Norfolk, MA 
Board:Planning Board
Time:Tuesday March 09, 2021 7:00 PM EST
Location:Zoom Meeting - Remote Access

Zoom Virtual Meeting
Town of Norfolk
Planning Board Meeting
March 9, 2021 Agenda
7:00 PM-Zoom Virtual Meeting
In accordance with the Governor’s Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G. L. c. 30A, § 20, relating to the 2020 novel Coronavirus outbreak emergency, the March 9, 2021, 7:00 P.M.,  public meeting of the Norfolk Planning Board shall be physically closed to the public to avoid group congregation. 
Alternative public access to this meeting shall be done via Zoom online video conferencing. This application will allow users to view the meeting and provide comments during allocated windows. To join, follow the web link or call the dial-in number listed below under the start time/Call to Order. The meeting will be recorded for future rebroadcast by Norfolk Community Television. For more information on getting connected and using the video conference features, please visit

7:00 p.m. Call Meeting to Order

Zoom Meeting Link:
Zoom Meeting Call-In: 1-929-205-6099 (Meeting ID 820 2223 6271)


•	7:30 p.m. – Redwood Circle/Noonhill Acres Subdivision-(Con’t from 2/9/21) Public Hearing to discuss and potentially vote to pull bond for failure to complete the subdivision roadway within the allowed time period.


•	7:00 p.m. – Toils End Farm/Fox Run Subdivision-Drain Line Review w/ Pulte Homes

•	Discussion to hire Surveyor for layout plan and as-built plan in order to accept Meetinghouse Road and Liberty Lane as public ways. Discussion regarding street acceptance Hampton Road, Oakview Trail, and Frederickson Road
•	Announcement and discussion of creating a new Master Plan process, timeline and associated points 
•	F.5.a. Accessory Building and F.5.c. Swimming Pools feedback from the Zoning Board of Appeals February 17th meeting, 
•	Discussion regarding existing zoning bylaws related to warehouse definition and other C-6 zoning provisions
•	Set public hearing date for zoning changes (April 13, 2021)
•	Discussion of potential zoning amendments for spring 2021 town meeting- B -1 Zoning District (Norfolk Town Center: Bundling the zoning articles and further discussion regarding the affordable provision)
•	Status of purchase of Southwood Hospital Site
•	Discussion of outreach regarding B-1 Zoning Changes
•	Vote to Release Lot 1A (previously released as Lot 1) & Lots 10 & 11 Norway Farms Subdivision
•	Meeting Minutes-Review & Approve 2/9/21 & 2/25/21 Minutes
•	Town Planner Updates:
o	Housing Choice Grant- Next Steps Norfolk Town Center Wastewater Master Plan
o	Any other updates
•	2020/2021 meeting schedule-Typically 2nd Tuesday of the month-April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, Aug 10, Sept 14, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8 
•	Unanticipated new business
Scheduled By:Betsy Fijol
Posted At:Mar 03, 2021 9:37 AM EST
Last Modified:Mar 05, 2021 5:47 PM EST
Minutes:Minutes are on record with the Town Clerk's office
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Minutes and Associated Documents

3.9.21 PB Meeting Packet.pdf  (download) 9836 Kb Mar 08, 2021 5:41 PM EST
3.9.21.PB Minutes-APPROVED.pdf  (download) 325 Kb May 06, 2021 2:46 PM EDT

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