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Monday March 11, 2019 6:00 PM EDT

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Town:Essex, MA 
Board:Board of Selectmen
Time:Monday March 11, 2019 6:00 PM EDT
Location:Town Hall - Stage Conference Room (2nd Floor)
30 Martin Street, Essex, MA 01929
Selectmen’s Meeting								March 11, 2019
Town Hall, 2nd Floor Stage Conference Area, 30 Martin Street


6:00 p.m.	Public Comment.

6:05 p.m.	Robert Amero to discuss commercial shellfish permit.

6:15 p.m.	Chief Silva to discuss possible memorandum of understanding with Endicott College for use of the Police Department’s breathalyzer.

6:30 p.m.	Robert Blair to discuss his request for a one-day entertainment license and a one-day wine & malt license for the Essex River Race.

7:30 p.m.	Finance Committee to discuss FY2020 operating and capital budget proposals and draft Annual Town Meeting Warrant, along with the Town Moderator.

Brendhan Zubricki:  Presentation of his Town Administrator’s Report for the period February 23rd, 2019 through March 8th, 2019, regarding the following:  
•	Town Building Committee Meeting Summary/Public Safety Project Status
•	Request for Mechanical Clearing of Alewife Brook Channel
•	Preliminary Fiscal Year 2020 Wage & Salary Scale
•	Future Application for Permit to Dismantle Structure at 11 John Wise Avenue
•	License to Use Centennial Grove, Saint John’s Prep Rowing Program
•	Northeast Coastal Coalition (NECC) Meeting
•	Grant Applications for Conversion of Street Lights to LED Lamps
•	Culvert Replacement Municipal Assistance Grant Program Application

	Approve the weekly warrant in the amount of $.
	Vote to exempt from Section 20 of Chapter 268A of the General Laws, the contracts and amounts for the individuals listed below contained within the 2/28/2019 warrant pursuant to subsection (d) of said Section.
David Pereen	Pereen Plumbing	2/17/2019	$ 3,921.30	Police

	Vote to exempt from Section 20 of Chapter 268A of the General Laws, the contracts and amounts for the individuals listed below contained within the 3/7/2019 warrant pursuant to subsection (d) of said Section.
Ernie Nieberle	Nieberle’s	2/27/2019	$    487.00	Police
Ernie Nieberle	Nieberle’s	2/24/2019	$      70.00	Fire
Ernie Nieberle	Nieberle’s	2/24/2019	$    206.10	Fire

	Approve the minutes for the Selectmen’s February 25, 2019, Open Meeting and Executive Session.
	Discuss plan for transition from the outgoing Chief of Police to the incoming Chief of Police.
	Consider a recommendation from the Historical Commission to appoint Jay Tetzloff to fill a vacancy on the Commission for a partial term ending 6/30/2019.
	Consider possibly amending the Essex Shellfish Regulations to allow for continued licensure while a clammer waits for the next application period after moving to another community.
	Consider increasing year-round liquor licensing fees.
	Possible countersignature of successor Collective Bargaining Agreement with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).
	Possible countersignature of successor Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Essex Police Benevolent Association (EPBA).
	Items that could not be reasonably anticipated by the Open Meeting Law posting deadline.

	Consider approving a revision to the Board of Health Administrator position description to accommodate OSHA coordination duties.

	Auction Permit:
•	Blackwood March Antiques, for use on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., within the confines of 125 Main Street.
	Commercial Shellfish Permit:
•	Zack Appeltofft
•	Clifford Baker
•	Kenneth Baker
•	Richard Buczko
•	David Burnham
•	Sheila Carter
•	Nicole Coles
•	Dustin Collupy
•	Kelly Corrao
•	Shane Fraser
•	Scott Hamlen
•	Timothy C. Hartford
•	Ronald Hemeon
•	Michael Ginn
•	Michael Jacobs
•	Christopher Johnson
•	Ian MacDougall
•	Ross MacDougall
•	Steven MacDougall
•	Bruce Mello
•	Herbert Nunes
•	Scott Reed
•	Joseph D. Rizzo
•	Paul Tofuri
•	Richard Tofuri
•	Tomaz Tofuri
•	Anida Xhalia
•	Eugen Xhalia
	Non-Resident Recreational Shellfish Permit:
•	Cliff Bathalon, Hudson, NH, sponsored by Jeffrey Garinger
•	James Beck, Somerville, sponsored by Richard Merullo
•	Anita Castellano, North Reading, sponsored by Paul Tofuri
•	Chris Cheney, Beverly, sponsored by Pam Merullo
•	Brittany Clark, Somerville, sponsored by Pam Merullo
•	Christian P. Frey, Danville, NH, sponsored by Jeffrey Garinger
•	Wayne Kinney, Kingston, NH, sponsored by Jeffrey Garinger
•	Kirkley Luttman, Beverly, sponsored by Richard Merullo
•	Scott McKenna, Ipswich, sponsored by Thomas Prentiss
•	Mary A. Picariello, Boxford, sponsored by Thomas Prentiss
•	Philip A. Picariello, Boxford, sponsored by Thomas Prentiss
•	George Smolinski, South Hamilton, sponsored by Isabel Parlee
•	Chester M. Sullivan, Methuen, sponsored by Thomas Prentiss
•	Ryan Sullivan, Salem, sponsored by Richard Merullo
	Senior Shellfish Permit:
•	Brian Ball
•	Dale S. Lowry
•	Dan Marshall
•	Richard Pascucci
•	Leonard Woodman
	Student Commercial Shellfish Permit:
•	Nicholas Amero
•	Alden Burnham
•	Craig Carter
•	Kevin Carter
•	William Deschenes
•	Colby Doane
•	Liam Hemeon
•	Amanda Loebelenz
•	Todd Rogers
•	Tristan Rogers
•	McKenzie L. Woodman
•	Izabela Xhalia
•	Kasandra Xhalia

•	There will be a joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen and the Town Building Committee on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the 3rd floor auditorium of the Town Hall, 30 Martin Street.
•	The next regular Board of Selectmen’s meeting will take place on Monday, March 25, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the Stage Conference Area on the 2nd floor of the Town Hall.
•	Save the Date:  March 28th, 10:00 a.m. to noon, the University of New Hampshire’s scientific presentation concerning the Great Marsh recovery from the 2018 natural sediment deposition event, 3rd floor auditorium, Town Hall, 30 Martin Street, with an optional site visit to Jeffrey’s Neck, following the presentation.

•	Contract negotiations with the incoming Police Chief.
•	Discussion of pending litigation concerning the case of the City of Gloucester vs. the Town of Essex, Superior Court C.A. No. 17-310C.
Scheduled By:Pam Witham
Posted At:Mar 07, 2019 10:40 AM EST
Last Modified:Mar 26, 2019 7:37 AM EDT
Minutes:Minutes are not on record with the Town Clerk's office
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