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On Feb 13, 2019 4:22 PM EST Irene Frontiero changed a meeting of Essex Housing Authority as follows:

So that the meeting notice now reads:

Information for Meeting of Essex Housing Authority
Tuesday March 12, 2019 6 PM EDT

Town:Essex, MA 
Board:Essex Housing Authority
Time:Tuesday March 12, 2019 6 PM EDT
Location:Lufkin House - Chebacco Terrace
Community Room
A. Call to Order
   Roll Call
1. Approval of minutes of Previous meeting
  a. Regular meeting February 19, 2019
  b. Bills to be paid
Anticipated Topics:
  1. Tenant concerns
  2. Board Vote to approve EHA Grievance Policy
  3. Financials-Budget
  4. Payables
Directors Report February March
Open issues/Communication
Next Meeting April 9, 2019
Scheduled By:the automatic scheduling system
Posted At:Feb 13, 2019 5 AM EST
Last Modified:Mar 7, 2019 1 PM EST