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On May 3, 2018 2:01 PM EDT Irene Frontiero changed a meeting of Essex Housing Authority as follows:

So that the meeting notice now reads:

Information for Meeting of Essex Housing Authority
Tuesday May 8, 2018 6 PM EDT

Town:Essex, MA 
Board:Essex Housing Authority
Time:Tuesday May 8, 2018 6 PM EDT
Location:Lufkin House - Chebacco Terrace
Community Room
Call to Order
A. Roll Call
B. Approval of the Minutes from April   
   24, 2018 Regular meeting
2. Anticipated Topics
  a. Tenant Concerns
  b. Mod Projects Paving, Painting,  
  c. Mod Project Tree Grant
  d. CPA
  e. Boundary Tree
New Business:
 1 Financials/Budget
 2 Directors Report
 3 Payables
Open issues Communications
Next Meeting June 12, 2018
Scheduled By:the automatic scheduling system
Posted At:Apr 11, 2018 6 AM EDT
Last Modified:May 3, 2018 2:01 PM EDT