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Information for Meeting of Select Board
Monday August 9, 2021 7 PM EDT

Town:Dalton, MA 
Board:Select Board
Time:Monday August 9, 2021 7 PM EDT
Location:Senior Center
Senior Center
40 Field Street Extension
With option for remote Zoom participation:

Or dial 646-558-8656   
Meeting ID: 783 577 7404   
Passcode: 01226

7:00 P.M., August 9, 2021
Draft Agenda
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge
3. Roll Call
4. Minutes: June 7, 2021, June 21, 2021, July 12, 2021

5. Public Address to the Board:
This is the time when the Public may address the Board on any item listed on the meeting agenda or on any issue or matter of the Town.  If you intend on addressing the Board at this time we ask that you do the following: 
• Please identify yourself by name, address or the company/institution you represent.    
• The Public Address to the Board segment will last no longer than 30 minutes.  
• Please make your comments concise and try not to repeat statements made by others.  
• Please address your comments to the Board Chair.  
• Discussion or debate on any issue may not take place at this time.  
• The Chair or their designee may answer questions on procedural matters.
• Please be cordial and respectful of others.  
• If anyone wishes to be recognized when the Board discusses an agenda item, please make the request at this time.  The Board Chair may grant this request. Address comments to the Board Chair and be concise.

6. Fall Pines Cleanup- Sunday, September 19th at 10AM

7. Recognition of Boy Scout Troop 4- 100th Anniversary 

8. Berkshire Money Management’s “Purgatory Road Halloween Event”

9.Highway employee appointments:
•Bruce Carnevale and Jason Wagner as Equipment Operators
•Timothy Decker as Laborer
•Tyler Pettit as Seasonal Employee

10. Health Agent update and potential mask mandate

11. FY21 Vacation payout:
•Heather Hunt: 10 Hours

12. Open as Sewer Commission
• Set FY22 sewer rates
Close as Sewer Commission

13. Offer of gift for skateboard park equipment

14. Set date for listening session on roundabout

15. Town Manager Update

16. Future Agenda Items

17. Items not anticipated 48 hours before the meeting

18. Remarks of the Select Board


20. Adjourn
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