Help and Support Options

If you want to learn the basics of how to post meetings and upload documents, start here and click the link to "Anytown, USA"

If you are a registered user of the system and you would like to schedule training, please contact Carol Greene

For members of the public, please contact My Town Government Support with any questions. If something is not working the way you expect it should, please let us know.

Also, you can join the Users Forum to communicate with other users of the system.

Accessibility Issues

Since the whole purpose of this web site is to facilitate sharing information with the public, we are very concerned about accessibility. If there is a feature of the web site that is not working correctly in your browser, or if you have trouble using this web site with assistive devices, we want to know about it! Please be sure to provide information about your computer operating system (and version number) and your browser (and version number). If you know how to send a screen capture, that can be a big help, as well.