Information for Meeting of MART Advisory Board (Montachusett Area Regional Transit)
Wednesday December 19, 2012 10:30 AM EST

Town:Shirley, MA Templeton, MA Athol, MA Lunenburg, MA 
Board:MART Advisory Board (Montachusett Area Regional Transit)
Time:Wednesday December 19, 2012 10:30 AM EST
Location:MART Maintenance/Garage Facility
1427R Water Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420
I.   Call to Order
II.  General Comments
III. Approval of  September 12, 2012 Minutes
RESOLUTION 707 - BE IT RESOLVED that the Advisory Board of the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority approves the September 12, 2012 minutes as presented.
IV.  Financial Matters
A.   Status of State Funding-MART received an extra $490,700 in State Assistance for FY2012-2013
B.   Status of Federal Funding
1.   Section 5307 Funding
2.   TIGGER II Grant
3.   State of Good Repair Grant – Buses
4.   State of Good Repair Grant – Facility Upgrades
5.   Clean Fuels Grant 
C.   Audit FY2012-Presentation by Stowe & Degon (new auditor)

V.   Administrative Matters
A.   Election of Officers¬- Slate of Officers as proposed in the last meeting: 		
-Chairperson: Mayor Lisa Wong
-Vice Chairperson: Mayor Mark Hawke
-Floor nominations will be solicited by the Chairperson.
-RESOLUTION 708 - BE IT RESOLVED that the Advisory Board of the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority approves to elect___________as Chairperson and  ________as Vice Chairperson	
B.   Gardner Mayor to appoint a non-voting member from the disabled community to the Advisory Board.  This member will serve on the Board for one year.
VI.  Capital Equipment/Facilities
A.   Status – North Leominster Commuter Rail Parking Facility
Construction activity is progressing very well with footings and foundations now complete. All rough grading has been completed and the binder coat of asphalt has been installed. Relocation of utility poles and wires has been completed and all existing power lines have been de-energized and removed. Steel placement will be commencing on December 17th. Construction should be completed by mid-summer of 2013.
B.   Improvement to the Commuter Rail Corridor between Fitchburg and Boston 
The project is currently funded at $169 million with in State and Federal Funds for the Small Starts Project and replacement of the Rt. 62 Bridge. In addition, MBTA allocated another $42 million in ARRA Stimulus and EOHED Funding to accomplish the double tracking, as well as another $10 million for replacing CPF 43. Work on the project is continuing including the new crossover located in Leominster, as well as the double tracking along the corridor which is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2013. Construction of Littleton Station is ahead of schedule and nearly complete, including associated track work. The design of the station for South Acton is nearly complete and the completed improvements to the Commuter Rail Line are scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of CY2014.
C.   Wachusett Commuter Rail Extension Project – Station, Parking and Layover  Facilities
MART continues to actively work with the City of Fitchburg, the Town of Westminster, Pan Am, the MBTA and their design consultants (Jacobs Engineering for the Station and Platform, Surface Parking Lot and Layover facility / HNTB for all track and signal design). The 100% design by Jacobs has been completed, as has been the review of the plans by Westminster and Fitchburg, while the track and signal design by HNTB has reached the 60% level. The MBTA has hired URS as their Project Manager/Construction Manager to oversee the construction of the project. Substantial project completion is expected in December 2014 with full completion in the spring of 2015. 
D.   Parking Improvement at Ayer-Rail Trail Facility 
The Town of Ayer and Congresswomen Nikki Tsongas’ office held a press conference at the site of the proposed surface parking facility on October 22nd. The project has been approved by the FTA and MART will be submitting the grant application for approval and access to funds in December and is working on an RFP to select an A & E Firm to begin design and engineering work on the surface parking facility. MART is also working with staff from the Town of Ayer on determining the properties needing to be acquired for the project.
E.   TIGGER II – Solar Panel Installation & Energy Conservation Measures
MART’s new solar panel array went live on November 14th and started producing energy to offset the electricity coming from the power grid. This deployment has already produced nearly 5000 kilowatt hours of energy in just one month and will reduce MART’s electric bill substantially. The production of this “Clean” energy will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption overall.  Construction costs were half of what was expected, so a new site will be designed and installed during FY13; most likely on the Gardner Maintenance Facility.

VII. Operational Services and Status Reports
A.   MART Operation Status on Revenue and Ridership
1.   Fitchburg/Leominster
2.   Gardner and Mount Wachusett Community College
3.   ADA Service
4.   Council on Aging (COA)
5.   Veterans/COA Out of Town
6.   Dial-A-MART                 

VIII. HST Status Reports
A.   MassHealth Transportation Program
B.   Department of Public Health EI Program
C.   Department of Developmental Services Program
D.   Special Needs Transportation Program
IX.  Other Business
X.   Adjournment
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Minutes:Minutes are not on record with the Town Clerk's office
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