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Information for Meeting of Select Board
Monday Jul 10, 2017 7:00 PM EDT

Town:Berlin, MA 
Board:Select Board
Time:Monday July 10, 2017 7:00 PM EDT
Location:Berlin Town Offices
Room 206
**updated 7/10/2017**
7:10-7:30PM– 20 minute block required per Tom Andrew -- Mark Rhodes/Capes of Berlin w/ Highway Supt. re waiver request for earth exportation, curb cut 
7:30PM –FINCOM/Joint closure of FY17
8:00PM - Library Trustees re renovation plans
1.	Minutes
2.	Refunds: (a) FY14 Real Estate; (b) FY15 Real Estate
3.	Bill Schedules: (a) Green Community; (b) Selectmen Expenses; (c) 1870 Town Hall Elevator project
4.	1870 Town Hall: (a) MA Cultural Facilities Fund Invoice Submission Form for Capital Grants - $64,514; (b) General Contractor Change Proposal Request 5 - $3,724.47 + 2 days – elevator electric service
5.	For BOS/Personnel review: Fire Marshall FY18 classification
6.	Notice Letter to Liquor Barn re exercise of license – 15 Highland Commons East
7.	Letter to The Wine Cellar, returning application
8.	Re-signing of Eligible Purchase Certificate – 9 Alden Drive
9.	Net Metering contract amendment/assignment documentation – Seaboard Solar to AMP MA Joe Jenny LLC, a Delaware Corp.
10.	Revised list of 2017 BOS Appointments
11.	Requests for feedback: (a) Building Inspector finalist; (b) Town Management Study Committee applicant
EXECUTIVE SESSION: (a) MGL Ch. 30A s. 21A 1 - NVRDD Personnel Issue update; (b) contract negotiation/strategy – Building Inspector candidate; (c) Collective Bargaining Update – Teamsters/Highway Laborers
Scheduled By:Dee Green
Posted At:Jul 06, 2017 6:17 PM EDT
Last Modified:Jul 10, 2017 4:47 PM EDT