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On Aug 26, 2021 3:30 PM EDT Victoria Flynn changed a meeting of Council on Aging as follows:

So that the meeting notice now reads:

Information for Meeting of Council on Aging
Tuesday August 31, 2021 4 PM EDT

Town:Berlin, MA 
Board:Council on Aging
Time:Tuesday August 31, 2021 4 PM EDT
Location:Zoom meetings
Call meeting to order ans Attendance : Bob Blair___. Pat Wheeler___, Kate Bliss___, Lori Fearebay___, Karen Schultz____ Rachel Boyer, wes Durant, Chris keefe, Victoria Flynn
1. Vote to accept meeting minutes for 7-27-21
2. Treasurer’s Reports:
 - Town Account
 - Formula Grant
 - Donations 
3. Van, tai chi and yoga 
New Business: 
    a. PHN submission and content 
     b. Doing a grab and go
     c. Co sponsor teddy Roosevelt with Berlin seniors. 
     d. Triad and NABOH involvement and numbering Berlin homes
     e. Montachusrtt home care updates
     f. Presentation with expanding COA (speaking to 
4. Motion to adjourn__________ seconded by _______________, at _____

next meeting date: 9/28/21 at 4pm
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Posted At:Jun 30, 2021 6 AM EDT
Last Modified:Aug 26, 2021 3:30 PM EDT