Change Summary

On Feb 3, 2020 8:09 AM EST Karin Foley changed a meeting of Planning Board as follows:

So that the meeting notice now reads:

Information for Meeting of Planning Board
Monday February 3, 2020 7 PM EST

Town:Phillipston, MA 
Board:Planning Board
Time:Monday February 3, 2020 7 PM EST
Location:Phillipston Town Hall
Selectmen's meeting room
Phillipston Planning Board
Monday, February 3, 2020 7pm
Town Hall Annex meeting room


New Business

Previous meeting minutes and mail

Review needs, office needs, computer, printer, fire proof file cabinets

Prepare annual report

Discuss and prepare any articles for Town Meeting

Old Business

Zoning Bylaws review

Follow up on updating Zoning Map for Zoning Bylaws

Get quotes new zoning map

Follow up on decision letters for com site plans

Discuss hiring/filling secretary position

Annex keys, John to get for members

Williamsville Road, stone wall openings
Scheduled By:the automatic scheduling system
Posted At:Jan 7, 2020 5 AM EST
Last Modified:Oct 19, 2021 1:13 PM EDT