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Information for Meeting of Select Board
Tuesday Jun 06, 2017 7:00 PM EDT

Town:Berlin, MA 
Board:Select Board
Time:Tuesday June 06, 2017 7:00 PM EDT
Location:Berlin Town Offices
Room 206
**UPDATED 6/6/17**
APPOINTMENTS:  Building Inspector finalist interviews 
7:15-7:30PM Richard Hanks 
7:35-7:50PM Henry Fontaine
7:55-8:10PM Joseph Atchue
1.	Bill Schedule – Antonelli Construction Co Inc. from 1870 Town Hall Elevator account
2.	Internal Account Transfers:  (a) Library Wages to Library Expenses; (b) Police FT Wages to Police PT Wages
3.	Home Day:  (a) permission for use of Festivities Account; (b) waiver of inspection fees for tent and stage
4.	Bill Schedule – 2016 Mabel Marble Scholarship recipient Rebecca Davis
5.	1870 TH Elevator Project: (a) MassDevelopment/MA Cultural Facilities Fund Capital Grant Agreement; (b) Change Orders: (i) $2,351.24 - stage electric panel relocation, (ii) $7,363.35 – concrete slab for curatorial building; (c) lot line negotiations update; (d) Assabet update – Oct/Nov. frame/secure foundation; (e) FY17 & Fy18 Builders Risk Insurance in place
6.	As Selectmen/Personnel Committee – Fire Inspector/Capt. Pay update
7.	Selectmen response to water runoff complaints: (a) 117 West Street; (b) 64 Peach Hill Road
8.	As EarthWork Board, request for reconsideration: Brodmerkle re 249 Randall Road
9.	Board of Health request for hallway mounted payment drop box
10.	2017-2018 Community Calendar participation request
11.	Approve, on behalf of the Town of Berlin, access by Energy Committee member Timothy Wysocki to the Mass Energy Insight website for the purpose of monitoring and/or maintaining the Town’s energy records 
12.	Proclamation – Building Inspector Lawrence Brandt
EXECUTIVE SESSION – none scheduled
Scheduled By:Dee Green
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