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Information for Meeting of Council on Aging
Wednesday Jan 28, 2015 9:00 AM EST

Town:Berlin, MA 
Board:Council on Aging
Time:Wednesday January 28, 2015 9:00 AM EST
Location:Berlin Town Offices
COA  Agenda January  2015
1. Attendance :  Joyce LaMotte___.  Pat Wheeler___,   Carolyn Cashin___, Karen Shultz____, Fran Gill____,  Lori  Fearebay______, Jim Connor__
2. Treasurer’s Reports - Town Account Formula Grant                       Meals on wheels
3. Old Business:  
Powder House News problems resolved?
New Business:
    1.	Approval of funds for Carolyn Landry.
    2.	Receipts for Joyce from anyone?    Duplicates no longer accepted by the town accountant.
    4.  Is Lori Fearebay officially a member of the Council ?
    5.  The new budget needs to be approved.
4.  CORI’s needed for COA and MOW drivers. Is there a new process?  Some of our workers will now require badges. When and who? 
Fran Gill
5.  The capital expense request needs to be approved. ( The bus).
6.  Medical equipment inventory and policies update.
7. MOW has only 11 people currently, Program expansion to others? New article in the next Powder House News.	
8.  Annual report due. Fran.
9.  Partnership with 19 Carter Street as a meeting place and joint cooperation on activities.
10. Motion to adjourn__________
seconded by ________________________,
at _____________
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