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Phillipston, MA Building Inspector

The office hours will be Wednesday nights from 5 to 7:00pm
The Building Department office is located at 15 Templeton Road in the
Town Hall Annex Building
The phone number is: (978) 249-1736

For Town:Phillipston, MA 
Name:Building Inspector
Chair Phil Harris:Phil Harris
Clerk:(see Members, below)
Members:Phil Harris, Building Inspector
Bernard Malouin, Alternate Building Inspector

Darrell Sweeney, Electrical Inspector
Dan Joly, Gas Inspector and Alternate Plumbing Inspector
Rick Geyster, Plumbing Inspector and Alternate Gas Inspector
Web Site:building@phillipston-ma.gov
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No meetings of Building Inspector are currently scheduled.

There are no records of past meetings of Building Inspector.

For information on older meetings, please contact the Town Clerk.

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