The current local time in Shutesbury, MA is Thursday June 27, 2019 6:01 AM EDT

All meetings before Monday July 1, 2019 6:01 AM EDT must already be posted.

Upcoming Meetings

Conservation Commission Jun 27, 2019
6:50 PM EDT
Town Hall
Conference Room
Details and Agenda...
Municipal Event Jul 2, 2019
Town Hall
Senior Lounge
Details and Agenda...
Finance Committee Jul 16, 2019
Town Hall
Details and Agenda...
Recreation Committee Jul 17, 2019
10:15 AM EDT
Town Hall
Details and Agenda...
Municipal Event Aug 6, 2019
Town Hall
Senior Lounge
Details and Agenda...

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Boards and Committees

Board of Assessors Ken Homberg Leslie Bracebridge
Board of Health Ken Rotondi Catherine Hilton
Board of Registrars Susie Mosher
Broadband/MLP Gayle Huntress
Capital Planning
Cemetery Commission Walter Tibbetts
Community Preservation Committee Allen Hanson
Conservation Commission Linda Avis Scott
Council on Aging
Cultural Council Rory Valentine
Emergency Management Team Walter Tibbetts
Energy Committee Ben Brau
Farm and Forest Commission William Wells
Finance Committee George Arvanitis
Historical Commission Miriam Defant
Lake Wyola Advisory Committee Mark Rivers
Library Trustees Kate Cell
Library Trustees Sub-Committee
Municipal Event Susie Mosher
Personnel Board Anna Mundow
Planning Board Deacon Bonnar
Policy Sub-Committee
Record Storage Advisory Committee Susie Mosher
Recreation Committee BZ Reily
Recycling/Solid Waste Committee Meryl Mandell
School Committee Lauren Thomas Paquin
Select Board Melissa Makepeace-O'Neil
Sustainable Cannabis Development Advisory Committee Sanford Lewis
Town Buildings Committee Robert Groves
Water Resources Committee Al Werner
Web Communications Committee Jamie Malcolm Brown
Zoning Board of Appeals Chuck DiMare

Outside Agencies and Organizations

Community Action Pioneer Valley
Community Network For Children Joie Ciepiela
Erving Union 28 - Joint Supervisory Committee
Erving Union 28 Budget and Personnel
Erving Union 28 Joint Supervisory SUB-Committee
Franklin Conservation District
Franklin Regional Planning Board (FRCOG)
Franklin Regional Retirement System Board (FRRSB)
Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA)
Hampshire-Franklin Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board (MHFHWB)
Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Service District